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Student Midwives

Soon I will be posting more pages here, such as articles, papers, and journals that my students have written. Check back for updates.

Current Students

Olga Gadomskiy, Junior Student Midwife

Bio and photo coming soon.

Former Students

Janelle Weishaar, Student Midwife

Janelle Weishaar, CPM, LM

Janelle is a wife, and mother of four. She lives in Yakima WA, and graduated with honors from Midwives College of Utah.

She now owns Little Blessings Birth Service, a very successful practice with a beautiful office in Yakima. See her website for more information.

Adria Dobiash, Student Midwife

Adria Dobiash, CPM

Adria graduated from Midwives College of Utah. A mother of six, Adria now lives in Spokane WA.

Adria Fuller, Student Midwife

Adria Fuller, LDM CPM

Adria obtained her formal midwifery studies from the Association of Texas Midwives.

She lives in Stevenson, Washington with her husband and three children born at home (with the exception of one transfer).

Adria is now licensed in Oregon; see her website for more information.

Lindsay Kinman, Student Midwife

Lindsay Kinman, LDM CPM

Lindsay is a wife, and mother of three. She graduated from Midwives College of Utah.

Lindsay now lives in Silverton Oregon, and is licensed and running her own practice!

See her lovely website for more information.

Hollie Moyer, Student Midwife

Hollie Moyer, Certified Professional Midwife

Hollie is a wife, and mother of four. She graduated from Midwives College of Utah.

She now lives in Russia, where the mothers and babies are very lucky to have her!

Some of Hollie's excellent handouts:
      Nutrition in Pregnancy
      Herbs in Pregnancy

Eudine Stevens, LMT LDM CPM LM

Eudine Stevens, CPM LM

Constance Hummel, CPM BPM

Constance Hummel, CPM

See Connie's website to see what she is doing now!

Alyssa Proszek, Student Midwife

Alyssa Proszek, Junior Apprentice Midwife

Student Midwife Adria Fuller with preceptor Lorri Carr, May 2012 birth young future midwife helping out Student Midwife Lindsay Kinman providing many hours of labor support, Sept 2012 birth Highland Midwife birth team in Goldendale, with one of our new babies, Feb 2014 Highland Midwife students in Yakima office, fall 2013, with Lorri and one of our new babies Highland Midwife students in action, photo credit Rozsika Steele Highland Midwife student Hollie, photo credit Rozsika Steele

Birth Photos - babies that my students have caught.


Interesting Links

Technical paper on the safety of Ultrasound in Pregnancy, by Eudine Stevens, LMT LDM CPM LM

Cord around the neck — what parents & practitioners should know by Kate Emerson

Apprentice Match, a great new FREE website for midwives looking for students or assistants, and students/midwives looking for preceptors/jobs! If you want to fill a position, it is a good place to start looking.

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